Water Main Line Stop Project – City of Savannah, GA

Rangeline reduce downtime

When the City of Savannah, GA needs to relocate their largest transmission they call Rangeline Tapping Services to perform this critical municipal water main line stop relocation!

Recently the City of Savannah, GA needed to relocate their 48″ steel transmission water main. This was the main trunk line for the city and it’s relocation was critical and shut down was not an option.

The Rangeline technician’s performed two 48″ x 48″ By-Pass Wet Taps and a new line was constructed into it’s new location. Now, that has been completed the Double 48″ Line Stop can be performed. The Rangeline 48″ Line Stoppers worked flawlessly on this water main line and 100% stoppage of flow was achieved.

Line Stopping is a cost effective way to maintain, modify and repair various types of piping systems without shutting them down. Some applications include replacement or repair of existing valves, damaged or obsolete mains, and creating a permanent or temporary bypass to an existing section of pipe or line while maintaining flow in the main.

Line Stopping is the last alternative before shutting down or draining a piping system. Rangeline provides our Line Stopping Services from ¾” – 72 inch pipe sizes. Line Stops can be used on all types of pipe materials and products.