Pipeline Services

Rangeline Pipeline Services division is the latest addition to the Rangeline Group.  The Pipeline Service division is a team of experts specializing in all aspects of concrete pressure pipe.

Pipeline Services offers a wide range of services and products to help owners of concrete pressure systems stay current with their aging piping systems.  Services include a “Valve Replacement Program”, Emergency Valve Replacement & Main Line Repairs with “on staff” welders.  This is in addition to our Wet Tapping, Line Stopping and Valve Insertion Services which Rangeline Tapping has been performing for over 25 years.

Pipeline Services also offers a complete line of materials for concrete pressure pipe.  These materials consist of MJPE Adapters, Flange Adapters, Bolt-On Repair Bands, Butt Straps and Weld-On Repair Clamps and Sleeves. We also have a team of technicians and welders to install and repair your piping systems 24 hours a day 365 day per year. Make one call to get the help you need!

To learn more about Rangeline and Pipeline Services call 888-PCCP-HLP today!

Concrete Pressure Pipe Services

  • C300 – V300 Reinforced Concrete Cylinder Pipe
  • C301 – Prestressed Concrete
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