Valve Inserting

One of the latest products on the market is Valve Inserts.  Rangeline is a TEAM® InsertValve approved installer.  This product allows us to install a valve directly into a pipe while “NO” interruption to the system.  It’s the latest and greatest thing in our industry.

This service is utilized when existing valves are broken, buried or are too far from a needed shut-off point where a permanent valve is required.  A Valve Insert can be installed while the product flows through the pipe with no interruption or loss of product.

We provide our Valve Inserting Services from 4” – 12” sizes.

The TEAM® InsertValve uses a resilient seated Insertion Valve product that meets or exceeds the AWWA C515 valve specification.  With its ease of operation and unique design, it is quickly becoming the leader of this technology.  Let’s us tell you how we install them and some of the features and benefits of this product.

Valve Insertion

A Valve Insert is installed very similar to a Line Stop.  First, you bolt on the two halves around the pipe.  It looks exactly like a ductile Iron mechanical joint tapping sleeve coming off the top of the pipe.  Next, we install a valve because we are working under pressure.  Then we perform the tap to gain access to the pipe.  But, this is “NO” ordinary wet tap.  We cut the entire section of pipe out.  This allows the new resilient wedge gate to seal on its brand new body.  This is the largest difference when looking at other types of valve inserts products.  There are other Valve Insert products that try and seal on the I.D. of the existing pipes.  If those pipes have build up known as tuberculation inside the pipes the valve will “NOT” seal 100%.  This means you will have a lot of blow by depending on the amount of build up inside the pipe.  Making your new valve you installed practically useless.

The TEAM® Valve Insert has a resilient wedge gate which travels on a track.  This allows the gate to work under pressure without having to put equal pressure on both sides of the gate to get it to operate.  This is the other large difference between other products on the market.

The TEAM® InsertValve works just like any other valve in the system and it even has the same amount of turns to open and close it.  If you have an open “Right” specifications for your municipality we have that available as well.

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  • Cast Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • P.V.C.
  • Asbestos Cement / Transite
  • Steel


  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Re-Use Water


  • Pipe Line System Control
  • Fire Hydrant Replacement
  • Preventing Shut Downs
  • Valve Replacement
  • Piping Isolation