Rangeline Provides Professional Line Stops & Wet Taps On Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes

Rangeline performs hot, wet taps and line stops for a variety of businesses, corporations and cities and townships across North America. Perhaps one of the most difficult jobs is performed on pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe, also known as PCCP. Many municipalities have this type of pipe in their city piping systems, which makes it important to know how to work with this type of material. PCCP requires new branch connections and sometimes a relocation of pipes in order for a successful experience to occur.

Rangeline has been performing successful and professional services on this type of material for over 20 years. Greg Foushi, National Sales Manager for Rangeline states, “Since there is so much of this type of pipe in the ground and because there used to be so many manufacturers of PCCP, it has always been a custom project for Rangeline [to complete].”

How Rangeline Approaches PCCP Projects

Each time a project arises that involves PCCP, Rangeline treats it as a special project. This is because this type of pipe is field verified with pipe O.D.’s and the type of pipe itself. The two most popular types are LCP or lined cylinder pipe, also known as SP-5 and ECP or embedded cylinder pipe or SP-12. Both of these types of pipes look similar, but there is a major difference between how they are manufactured. This means that knowing the correct type of pipe is important for this particular type of piping project.

After these custom materials are secured, they are then installed. Rangeline follows Hanson Pipe certified installation procedures and all of their technicians have countless years of experience working with this material. These projects do require intense labor and are among some of the most difficult services that Rangeline provides. However, because of their state of the art equipment and their professional staff, they go just as smoothly as any other type of project on Ductile Iron pipe. For more information on Rangeline’s line stopping, hot and wet tapping or valve inserting services, visit our website at www.rangeline.com.


About Us:  Rangeline Tapping Services is a Valve Inserting, Hot and Wet Tapping and Line Stopping company that works on a variety of small or large high-quality projects across the North American region. The Rangeline staff is professional, licensed to complete any size job and knowledgeable on the topic at hand. The North American company performs hot tapping services and piping services on emergency, long-term and even daily projects for a variety of cities and townships, corporations and businesses. Their team works with only the best technology and latest equipment in order to perform the job right the first time and as efficiently and quickly as possible