Engineering Services

Rangeline Tapping Services, Inc. now offers engineering experience and innovative services to engineering companies. Try our new 5 Step Program for your Wet Tapping, Hot Tapping, Line Stopping and Valve Inserting applications. Rangeline can assist you with all your engineering needs. When it comes to piping let Rangeline’s vast experience come up with the solutions.

 Try Our New 5 Step Program!

* Step 1: Rangeline assists you in determining the most feasible plan to achieve your customer’s piping needs and the most cost effective plan of action.

* Step 2: Rangeline will make recommendations on material to be used for your specific project.

* Step 3: Rangeline will provide Specifications for Wet/Hot Taps, Line Stops & Valve Inserting.

* Step 4: Rangeline will provide installation procedures for our required Services.

* Step 5: Rangeline will provide an Engineering Estimate for your project.

Let Rangeline Tapping Service help you evaluate your best options while your project is still in the planning stages.

Contact Rangeline at 800-346-5971 or email us to schedule your Lunch & Learn today.