With Over 25 Years of Pipeline Service Experience We Deliver Sound Results with Pride and Integrity.

Rangeline Pipeline Services Group maintains and operates the largest selection of “State of the Art” Pipeline Tapping and Line Stopping equipment in the Country. You can expect precision line stopping, hot tapping, wet tapping and valve inserting services along with engineered custom fittings. Our Emergency Response Team is on call to minimize your business disruption during repair and maintenance. Service technicians are standing by throughout North America, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with equipment, material and the expertise you need to solve your piping problems.

Here at Rangeline Tapping Services, we strive to provide the best tapping services in the country. For over 25 years, we have been able to offer the best pipeline solutions because we employ the best and most experienced technicians in the industry.

Hot Taps

Hot taps provide us with the ability to tap into a still pressurized system without any interruption of service. While similar to wet tapping, this service is generally only performed in industrial settings, on products other than water and sewage lines. It can be a little more volatile, as some of the lines that we work on carry things like natural gas, jet fuel, and gasoline. Rest assured that we only employ highly trained technicians who are well versed in every scenario that may present itself.

Wet Tapping

Wet tapping is similar to hot taps in that it allows us to tap into a pressurized system. Also called a corporation tap, this style of tapping is almost exclusively done in residential settings and only on pipes that carry potable water. Tap sizes can range anywhere from ½ inch to 48 inches, depending on what is needed. This is perfect for bypassing damaged pipe, adding new lines to an existing system, or just drilling a small tap to take samples for quality control. The latter is especially important for potable water sources.

Valve Insertion

Valve insertion, like wet tapping, is usually performed on water and sewage lines though it does have a variety of other applications. Valves are used to temporarily shut off the flow through a pipeline. This can be used to regulate the volume of flow, to change its direction, or for repairs. This installation procedure allows us to place a valve into an existing pressurized system without interrupting its flow. This is essential when dealing with things like the water supply into a highly populated area.

Line Stopping

Line stopping is a temporary way to shut down sections all of the flow to a particular pipeline. It is, in many cases, the last step that is available before we have to shut down and drain an entire system. This can be used in emergency cases, such as water or sewage main breaks. Line Stopping allows us to shut off all the flow through the system or By-Pass flows so we can affect repairs, upgrade the current pipeline or any number of other applications.

Emergency Pipeline Services

By far, the most important thing we can offer is our emergency pipeline services. Everyone sees the news when a water main or gas sewage pipeline breaks. We’re the ones that they call to fix the problem. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, because accidents and incidents don’t work on a fixed schedule. Broken water mains can cause serious damage to house foundations, road works and other parts of the infrastructure. We are here to make sure the problems are fixed and that the damage to both life and property is minimized.

At Rangeline Tapping Services, we are the best at what we do because it is all that we do. Pipeline tapping services, both repair and maintenance is our calling, and to that end we employ only the best and most highly trained technicians in the field. We strive to offer the best tapping services in the industry with more than 20 years in the field, and will proudly stand behind any and all work that we do.