Triple Line Stop Emergency

Recently Rangeline was called on a Emergency break for the City of Boca Raton, FL.  This is where Rangeline vast inventory of Line Stop fittings and experience really is brought to the test.

Like any Emergency situation our customers is in a panic to stop the flow of raw sewage as quickly as possible.  As the City would dig up the pipes and tell us what they had we were pulling Line Stop fittings off the shelves onto service trucks for immediate delivery.  The first Line Stop was a 20″ on PVC. Next a 24″ on cast iron pipe and last but not least a 30″ on ductile iron pipe.  That’s right Rangeline had all three Line Stop fittings on the shelve and ready to respond.  Rangeline’s team of technicians jumped into action and had all three Line Stops in place in less then 8 hours.

Our customer the City of Boca Raton was extremely happy and were thrilled with Rangeline’s Emergency Service response team.  Rangeline has the largest emergency response inventory in the Country.  Call Rangeline for your next emergency!