Custom Fitting Fabrication

Custom Fitting Fabrication

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Concrete and Steel Pipe Material Services

Concrete Pressure Pipe & Steel Pipe Material Services

16″ Line Stop – Chilled Water System

16″ Line Stop on a Hospital’s Chilled Water System

Double 60″ Line Stop Emergency

Double 60″ Line Stop Emergency on PCCP in Hollywood, Florida

Read More about the Double 60″ Emergency Line Stop

Rangeline Pipline Services Division

Rangeline Pipeline Services Division

Double 24″ Line Stops

Double 24″ Line Stops in Mobile Alabama

Read More about the double 24″ Line Stops

Double 42″ Line Stop

Here is a Double 42″ Line Stop on ductile iron pipe in Panama City Beach, FL.

Read More about the double 42″ Line Stop

Two 12″ x 8″ Hot Taps, Miami, FL

8″ Hot Taps being performed on the roof of Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, FL.

Read More about the two 8″ Hot Taps

48″ x 16″ PCCP Wet Tap- Houston, TX

Here is a 48″ x 16″ Wet Tap being performed on a pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe “PCCP” in Houston, TX.

Read More about the 48″ x 16″ PCCP Wet Tap

8″ Valve Insertions & 8″ Wet Tap

Here is a 8″ TEAM Valve Insert along with a 8″ Wet Tap on a ductile iron water main in Dallas, TX.

Read More about the 8″ Valve Insertion in Dallas

Double 16″ Line Stop in Waco, TX

Here is a 16″ PCCP water main running to an above ground storage tank.

Read More about the Double 16″ Line Stop in Waco, TX

16″ x 8″ Wet Tap

Texas Rangeline technician’s perform a 16″ x 8″ Wet Tap on a PVC water line.

Read about this 16″ x 8″ Wet Tap Case Study
Rangeline Single 36in Line Stop

Single 36″ Line Stop on PCCP

Here is a Single 36″ Line Stop on PCCP in the City of Jackson, Mississippi.

36″ x 30″ Wet Taps

Here are two 36″ x 30″ Wet Tap being performed in Orlando, FL.

Read about this 36″ x 30″ Wet Tap Case Study

8″ Valve Insertion

This cast iron water line had “NO” in-line valve.  Rangeline was called to install a TEAM 8″ Valve Insertion while the 8″ water line stayed in service.

Read about this 8″ Valve Insertion Case Study

Double 24″ Line Stop on PCCP

Here is a project completed in San Antonio Texas.

Tampa Line Stopping

A customer in Tampa Florida needed to upgrade a Lift Station to handle larger capacity flows…

Read More about the Tampa Line Stopping Case Study

Orlando Line Stopping

Orange County Utilities in Orlando Florida had issues with their 30 inch water main…

Read More about the Orlando Line Stopping Case Study

Miami Line Stopping

Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department (MDWASD) needed line stopping and hot tapping on a 48-inch concrete force main…

Read More about the Miami Line Stopping Case Study
Rangeline Line Stop

Line Stopping in Sarnia Canada

Rangeline was contacted  by customers in Canada for recommendations on how to divert flow to install a new 36 inch Valve and Flow Meter while keeping two plants in operation…

Read More about the Sarnia Line Stopping Case Study

Louisiana Line Stopping

The City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana wanted to make upgrades to one of their large Waste Water Treatment Plants. with a failing valve system…

Read More about the Loiusiana Line Stopping Case Study

Florida Water Main Break

Orlando Utility Commission “OUC” has a water main leaking on International Drive in Orlando Florida during the busiest time of year and they can’t shut it down…

Read More about the Florida Water Main Break Case Study

Hollywood Force Main Break Emergency

When a 48 inch ductile Iron force main fails and raw sewage can’t be stopped in the City of Hollywood Florida, Rangeline is called…

New Jersey Line Stopping

Passaic Valley Water Authority in New Jersey wanted to add valves at a number of busy intersections to their existing water system which was over 100 years old…

Read More about the New Jersey Line Stopping Case Study

Houston Sewer Main Emergency

The City of Houston had an emergency situation with a leaking 24 Inch sewer force main that needed immediate emergency response…

Read More about the Houston Sewer Main Emergency

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