Emergency Line Stops in the City of Hollywood, Florida recently was adding some new fiber optic cabling through a very exclusive neighborhood in the heart of Hollywood Florida.  The directional drilling company which was installing the new lines failed to secure proper locate information for their new line.  They proceeded to drill directly through a 60” E-301 Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder pipe which contained 40 PSI of raw sewage.  The 60” pipe is a main feed to the treatment plant for the Cities intercoastal customers and could not be shutdown.

In a emergency crisis of this magnitude the City of Hollywood reached out to Rangeline Tapping Services, Inc.  Rangeline’s emergency response team jumped into high gear with raw sewage now coming out of the ground surrounded by a half a million town homes time was of the essence.  Rangeline’s team secured all the pipe information within hours and contacted JCM Industries, Inc.  JCM a leader in Tapping sleeves and Line Stop fitting manufacturer received the emergency call to fabricate and custom build two 60” Line Stop fittings for concrete cylinder pipe.  In record time JCM manufactured these fittings in record time less than two days and expedited delivery to the City of Hollywood.  Rangeline crews worked around the clock to get the Line Stoppers installed and ready for the by-pass piping installation.

Now, that the Line Stoppers are in position the next Emergency Response Team took action.  Reynolds Construction Company took over and install the 850 feet of 36” HDPE by-pass piping.  This piping was connected to the Line Stopper outlets so once the Line Stopping heads are lowered into position they will force all the sewage to by-pass through the Line Stoppers and isolate the damaged 60” pipe section so repairs could be made.

This project show’s the capabilities of Rangeline Tapping Services and JCM Industries Emergency Response team can do for you and in the time of your emergency needs.  Call Rangeline for your next scheduled or emergency at 800-346-5971 or for Concrete pressure pipe call 888-PCCP HLP.  You can also visit us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or www.Rangeline.com